Let’s reflect on 2019.  Did you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions last year?  Did you change a behavior?   Here are my top 3 rules to sticking with your health goals in 2020!   

It’s the worst, right?  I tell my patients all the time- I need to hear how you feel, not how much you weigh.  Why? Because a number on the scale can’t tell me how you feel. A number on the scale can’t tell YOU how YOU feel.  Have you ever made it to a “goal weight” but then gained it back? It turns out having a goal of pounds doesn’t work, it isn’t sustainable and it won’t keep you from hitting the drive -thru at 5pm.  What does work? Making goals around how you want to feel (proud of how much you can walk, feeling good when you walk into a room, sexy for your spouse). My most successful clients make changes from the inside out.  Not the outside in. 

My Top 3 Rules for Improving your Health in 2020!

First rule- toss out that scale!  

I have seen it over and over – people obsessively weighing daily with literally NO changes.  I don’t get it… don’t LET that scale tell you how you feel. Let’s say you’ve been making healthy changes, and you feel great- strong even- but you get on that scale and it says you’ve gained a pound.  What do you do? PANIC!! Eat less, feel bad, beat yourself up, cycle into a feeling of failure – the list goes on. My advice? Just throw it away! You can let you FEEL the changes in your body, good or bad.  

Second rule- write down 3 things you like about yourself, daily.  

I know it sounds SO corny – it IS corny. But, let’s put it this way, if you are still reading this- the things you’ve been trying aren’t working!  Write 3 little things a day, for 2 weeks and feel the motivation coming from within.

Third rule- take action! 

We often get overwhelmed by the thought of the TOTAL diet/lifestyle overhaul.  No one can keep that up. My plan is stop and ask yourself what you can do RIGHT NOW to change your behavior to reach those goals?  Is it go to bed so you can do an early 20 minute workout?  Is it make your grocery list!?  Is it pack a lunch so you don’t go out to lunch tomorrow.

Remember, to improve your health, the SLOW and STEADY plan wins the race.  It may not seem like a lot is changing, but slowly and surely you’ll knock those goals out of the park.

Are you ready to take action?  Click here for the JANUARY Challenge!  It will be the biggest of the year! 

Thanks for reading and happy eating!


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