The January 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

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The Dietitian Diet 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge is a 3 week challenge to get you feeling your best!  Is this you?  You’ve tried all the diets.  You’ve sipped all the shakes.  You’ve spent money on “special” supplements.  But, you still don’t feel confident when you walk into a room.

It was me too!

It took me years to learn what I can teach you in 3 short weeks.  Join us to stop putting yourself last!  It’s not too late.

During the challenge you’ll get the entire ebook, plus daily videos from the dietitian.  You’ll get daily tasks plus emails reminders from the dietitian.  Most importantly, you’ll get a community of other friends doing the same thing at the same time as you!  It’s an entire group of accountability partners.  The challenge includes:

  • A full 3 weeks (21 days) of meal plans
  • Daily tasks that give you a place to start

  • DAILY VIDEOS keeping you on track and teaching the fundamentals of nutrition

  • Proprietary meal planning technique (which you will learn!)
  • 3 weeks of grocery lists

  • Printable workouts and workout plans

  • Includes The Dietitian Diet Ebook plus printable workbook

Can’t wait for you to join!


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