My goal is to help you feel your best! 

I specialize in ditching fad diets, treating the body with functional nutrition, and encouraging busy moms like me!

What we do

The Dietitian Diet Ebook!

The 3 week original Dietitian Diet is available to download now!  Have you tried ALL the diets?  Are you eating frozen chicken nuggets for every meal?  Are you lacking energy?  The Dietitian Diet is for you!   Follow the daily tasks and meal plans and receive real advice written by a professional.


The 3 Week Online Challenge!

We take The Dietitian Diet plan LIVE!  The challenges provide daily videos, emails and tasks.  I walk you through the 21 days and provide daily motivation.  If you need a little more accountability this is for you!  Includes the ebook, 3 weeks of meal plans, grocery lists, and more!

Virtual Individual Dietitian

We provide one-on-one nutrition coaching via our telehealth platform.  Individual online nutrition visits are perfect for anyone needing medical management of conditions like IBS, diabetes and high cholesterol.  There are very limited slots and you must apply. 


Low FODMAP Recipes for IBS

Are you running to the bathroom every time you eat?  Do you feel constipated and bloated after certain foods?  Has a physician told you that you may have IBS?  These are all reasons to try a Low...

Why We Are Different

Is this you…

  • Trying allll the diets and falling of the wagon?
  • Sick of “giving up” carbs?
  • Eating chicken nuggets off your toddlers plate for every meal?
  • Feeling tired and sluggish?
  • Not even sure what to eat anymore?

This is me too!  As a busy mom of three, I can relate!  I can help take the guesswork out of what to eat and help you create easy, healthful, and filling meals for you and your family.  My approach is simple:  real food, easy quick meals, and everything (especially wine and chocolate) in moderation.  Read more about my story!

From Our Clients

See what others are saying about The Dietitian Diet!

I have lost 10lbs! Weight loss was not my overall goal, but it’s made me realize how much crap I was putting in my body daily! Eating healthier, eating more and I’ve still lost weight! It’s crazy!! And I couldn’t be happier :)”



I loved participating in the dietician challenge. All the recipes were delicious and I never felt deprived. I’ve tried diets in the past that were based on eliminating entire food groups. Those types of diets always made me feel so isolated. I love how Kate encourages you to be real. If you have a bad food moment just make your next meal a healthy one. She is so encouraging and real.



Thank you for a fabulous 3 weeks!! I have tried a lot of stupid diets and I knew I just needed to make healthier eating a way of life. When I saw the challenge I was excited bc I knew this was the perfect beginning and an amazing guide for me. The FIRST week I could tell I was feeling better and I didn’t have stomach aches almost every night!!! I have gotten better with meal prepping (could still greatly improve) and exercising more:). Loved the encouraging emails and videos😍. Thank you and it really has been so wonderful for me!!!.”



Kate, your plan really helped me with both menu planning and new recipes. We especially appreciate the recipes! Many thanks!